Vintage Shabby Chic Chairs

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Spring, sprang, sprung! I don’t know what it is about these broken down pieces of %#$&@ but every time I see one of these vintage chairs I just have to snap a picture!  Maybe it’s because they truly are vintage, constructed with all natural products by real artisans.  Real solid wood, real natural cotton and yes, real metal springs!

Unlike what we see today, these pieces of “treasure” have no pressed particle board, no composite materials, no synthetics, no fake anything.  And usually these vintage shabby chic chairs were all made by hand.  So for me, I guess that’s the attraction.  If I only had the nerve to actually buy one, but the price tags take care of that problem.  Anyway, I would prefer to sit on my chairs without having to worry about when I had my last tetanus shot!

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Great vintage shabby chic chair

Vintage chairs don’t come cheap

Very shabby

and chic

This vintage chair might be hard to sit on!

I like the real metal springs on this antique chair

A vintage chair pile on

Shabby chic sofa

Sometimes you have to pay the price for a shabby chic

Are they kidding?

The Doctor is in… did you hate your parents?

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