Square Linen Canopy Chandelier

Don’t be such a square. Unless you’re this linen canopy chandelier.

The origin of don’t be square started as a compliment. It meant someone who was honest, trustworthy and loyal. But during the rise of jazz, don’t be square soon transformed from a compliment to an insult. Someone who didn’t appreciate this new form of music was out of touch and dated. This negative connotation was later perpetuated by the hipsters in the 1940’s, beatniks in the 1950’s, hippies in the 1960’s and so on. But today, this linen canopy chandelier brings new meaning to the phrase don’t be square. If a square chandelier looks this good, point me to the cash register now. Made with natural linen draped on an industrial strength metal frame, this square chandelier will bring a touch of industrial elegance to your space. Hang one linen canopy chandelier in the master bedroom or two chandeliers in the dining room. Either way, this chandelier will do anything but make you square.

I never wanted to be a hippie anyway.

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And Hippies

No thanks

I’ll be square

Click HERE to view Square Linen Canopy Chandelier at HudsonGoods.com.