Square Reclaimed Wood Pub Dining Table

Why go to your local pub when you can have your favorite pub dining table right at home.

We all have our favorite pub for dining out on a Saturday night. And some of us even have our favorite dining table where we like to sit, eat and check out the other patrons. It’s also safe to say that no one likes to sit by the swinging kitchen doors. But now you can have that same dining table right in the comfort of your own home. Made from thick reclaimed wood from old boat docks, this table top is heavy and sits on an industrial strength steel frame. This square pub table can easily withstand the wear and tear from daily patrons and definitely more than a few spilled beers. This reclaimed wood is heavy and still has the notches and bolts that secured it to the pilings and boat docks. And now this dining table is ready to serve customers in a busy restaurant or hungry family members at home. With it’s square shape, this pub table is perfect for a breakfast nook or to play cards in the man cave. Either way, this table will bring the pub to your home and work just as hard for you.

Another round of drinks please.

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Bring your favorite pub table home

With this square dining table

Made from heavy reclaimed wood

Go and ahead and spill it

Click HERE to view Reclaimed Wood Pub Table at HudsonGoods.com.