Tavern and Man Cave

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No, it’s not the infamous Tavern on the Green restaurant.  Check out the tavern in the basement of this circa 1870 home.  Originally used to cook and prepare the meals, this space has been converted to a cool tavern or better known these days as the man cave.  Fully equipped with wet bar, card table, 3 plasma TVs, wine cellar and climate controlled heating and air conditioning, who would ever want to leave!  I’ll take mine straight up thank you and hit me again.

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Basement Tavern.  Originally a brick oven, now a resting home for empty wine bottles.

Work’s done, time to punch out with this vintage time clock

Tavern card table.  Blackjack anyone?

Now what’s behind the bar in this man cave?

What’s this the Godfather? Metal horse head

No sales here, it’s all free with this vintage cash register in the man cave.

Vintage rotary phone in the man cave

Rotary dial phone… love it!

Wine cellar.  What’s behind door number 3?

Pow-WOW! Indian Chief greets guests to the Wine Cellar.

Climate controlled wine cellar.  Original stone foundation of the house on the walls.

A barrel of monkeys?  No, used for pickling olives in the wine cellar.

My name carved into the tavern bar… I swear I didn’t do it!

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