The Egg Chair

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A simple egg. Who would have thought to turn an egg into a chair? Arne Jacobsen, that’s who.

Architect Arne Jacobsen first designed the egg chair in his garage back in 1958. Since then, the egg chair has become an icon of furniture design. Great for kicking back and relaxing, the egg chair gives you that little bit of privacy that’s sometimes needed in a hotel lobby or public space. But more important, it gives you that little bit of privacy that sometimes is needed even at home. I did an earlier post on the egg chair but came across this recent exhibit done by the Fritz Hansen Company. I think you’ll like these photos. If not, I’ll have egg on my face!

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Blue egg chair

Pink egg chair

Red, white and blue egg chair

With cool stars on the back

Pokemon egg chair

Pretty pony?

Green egg chair

Brown egg chair

Playing card egg chair

Cool pattern

My favorite egg chair

With home design pattern

Fritz Hansen egg chairs

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