Industrial Factory Carts

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Put those shopping carts away because you are about to see the mother of all carts!  Industrial factory carts used in the early 1900’s to transport furniture, fabric and supplies across the factory floor.  Made of solid wood, cast iron wheels, metal bolts and plates, they have become an icon for design and function.  Not to mention the natural aging of the metal and wood from actual use over time.  So why not use one as a coffee table in your living room?  Who would have thought!

Like so many vintage artifacts, these factory carts are reminiscent of our nation’s industrial past.  In them I found true inspiration for my next furniture collection, appropriately named “Wood and Metal.”  Click for more vintage home furnishings at

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Want to go for a ride!

Painted Industrial Factory Cart

Use it in the kitchen?

Factory Cart at ABC Carpet and Home, $3,000

Glass top factory cart?

I guess so!

Factory Cart at Restoration Hardware

Cool Factory Cart

I like this one too!

factory cart coffee table

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