Old Pepsi Crates

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The Pepsi challenge!  Old wood crates are back in style.  Not sure I can really say they are “back in” as they really were never “in style.”  It’s just that vintage crates are being repurposed and are showing up everywhere.  Something about retro items that bring back memories of our younger years and for the twenty something crowd, it’s kind of cool because they are seeing them for the first time.  It’s different and it’s all real, real wood, real metal and it lasts.  Coke it’s the real thing!

You’ll be seeing more from me on old wood crates because I’m crazy for cocoa puffs…. I mean crates! ideas.

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Pepsi and the uncola crates

Display at Fishs Eddy, New York City

Great vintage metal signs

Old wood drawers are good too!

Old soda bottle crate

More cool old wood crates on display

Fishs Eddy, they do dishes!

recycled glass jars with metal lids

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