Tihany Motorbike Wall Painting

If you can’t get to Tihany this holiday season for off road biking this Tihany motorbike wall painting is the next best thing. Tihany is a small village in Hungary that has one of the best landscapes for cycling and motorcycle racing. A population of 10 million people with only 1 million cars make the roadways clear of traffic. Since cars are expensive in Hungary, a large percentage of the population still ride their bikes. As such, the government has invested millions of dollars in off road cycle paths. Cycle routes are clearly posted throughout the countryside including the 140 mile stretch around Lake Balaton.

Tihany Motorbike Wall Painting

The Lake Balaton cycle route is famous and depicted in this vintage oil painting on metal canvas. A 140 mile course, it represents a challenge for the most experienced biker. It is the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe but has an average depth of only 3 meters. The best part is that the water temperature in the summer is comparable to that of the Caribbean at 80 degrees. A seven day tour is recommended for the novice biker. This includes about 33 miles per day with stops at many of the holiday resorts along the shoreline of Lake Balaton. That still sounds like a lot of biking to me. I would consider myself a less than novice cyclist. I would rather sit back and watch the race go by with this wall painting. I would dream about Hungary, the warm water and beautiful shoreline. I don’t like wearing bike helmets anyway. Where are my car keys.

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Tihany motorbike wall painting
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