Traditional Hope Tattoo Art

There’s always hope with this traditional hope tattoo art. If the thought of getting an old school tattoo on your arm is too painful then consider hanging this painting on your wall. Enjoy the artistry of tattoos without suffering the pain. If you already have a tattoo and appreciate the artwork of American Traditional designs, then get this painting for any room in the home. It all started with Sailor Jerry.

Traditional Hope Tattoo Art

Norman Collins was born in 1911 and was an American tattoo artist most famous for his tattooing of sailors. Thus, he became known as Sailor Jerry. He was also a former Navy man himself who had opened a tattoo shop just outside of Honolulu. Which happened to be a popular shore leave destination for millions of men serving in World War II. I think you’re starting to get the picture. It was on the backs, shoulders and arms of these servicemen that Sailor Jerry built his reputation and also changed the world of tattoos. Up until that time, tattoos in America were only seen in the lower social classes of society. Gang members, convicts, etc. But Sailor Jerry changed all that. WWII had enlisted millions of men that normally would be walking around wearing cardigan sweaters who suddenly found themselves thrust onto the battlefield and war zones. It was these men that also found themselves in Sailor Jerry’s tattoo shop. Jerry took what he had learned from Japanese tattoo masters and gave it an American facelift. He combined vivid colors with bold iconic lines to create a new Western artistry for tattoos. Some of his tattoos were beautiful while others were a bit bawdy. Sometimes they were a little of both. He was innovative on a technical level as well using modern tattoo machine configurations, new sterilization techniques and the first tattoo artist to use the color purple. I think Sailor Jerry and this painting deserve a big salute.

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traditional hope tattoo art
There’s always Hope



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