Upholstered White Linen Sofa

Don’t just sit there like a dummy, check out this upholstered white linen sofa. Picking out an upholstered sofa in white linen can get confusing. Furniture stores are filled with a sea of sofas that after awhile all look the same. So it’s no surprise that we all start to feel like a paper mache dummy.

Upholstered White Linen Sofa

We all want an upholstered sofa that looks great in the living room or den. We want it to convey our own unique personal style but at the same time we want it to be functional and comfortable. That rules out sofas that are not upholstered. Second, picking out an upholstered fabric can be even more challenging. This upholstered white linen sofa will match any decor in your room but if you have a small tribe of children this might not be the sofa for you. Constructed with a solid maple frame and hand carved wood legs, this sofa can definitely handle a large crowd. Even a few paper mache dummies. Not to mention that it’s nearly eight feet long. The burlap webbing with natural fiber backing and down wrapped cushions also make this one comfortable sofa. And to add a little design style this sofa is accented with hand tied French knots that match the white linen upholstered fabric. This sofa can look good in any home but it works best in a commercial space. Pull this sofa up to a table and patrons can dine family style and the high back provides just the right amount of privacy from other guests. Who doesn’t want to eat out on a soft comfortable upholstered sofa. Shopping for a sofa can be overwhelming at times so don’t be a dummy. We’ve got a sofa for you right here.

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upholstered white linen sofa
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