Vintage Action Sports Figures

Play ball with these vintage action sports figures. Pick your preference, football, soccer or bowling. Sorry no basketball or baseball. But if you like these sports you’ll like these action figures. They just don’t make them like this any more. Made from solid metal you can’t beat the detail. I almost feel like I’m the goalie ready to block the free goal kick. Maybe the uniforms have changed in the last hundred years but the balls have all stayed the same. So if you’re a sports fan display these figures on your favorite shelf, desk or in the man cave.

Vintage Action Sports Figures

Some small historical facts about sports and their origin. A football was first mentioned in 1486 in Juliana Berners’ book St. Albans. She wrote that a football is a round instrument to play with using your foot. A pair of football boots was first ordered to be made in 1526 by King Henry VIII. The first reference to goals was in the late 16th century by Richard Carew about an outdoor game played in Cornwall of the United Kingdom. He described how the goals were made using two bushes in the ground ten feet apart. He also described goalkeepers and passing the ball between players. The first reference to scoring a goal was in John Day’s play The Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green in 1659. It was called Camp Ball which was a more violent version of what we know football to be today. So sports have been around for a long time and so will these vintage action sports figures. It’s time to play ball!

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vintage action sports figures
Vintage action sports figures



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