Vintage Aluminum Metal Pendants

Aluminum foil or vintage aluminum metal pendants. We all grew up with Reynolds Wrap. It was a staple of every kitchen. It was heavy, thick sheets of metal foil that wrapped every left over or opened can in the refrigerator. It also covered cakes and cookies on the kitchen counter. Aluminum foil is still around today. Of course the cost to manufacturer is higher so the rolls are smaller and the sheets are thinner to help your wallet at checkout. But aluminum has other uses like in the production of these vintage style metal pendants. At first glance these pendants appear to be made with polished nickel. But closer inspection shows that the base is spun aluminum that presents an almost mirror like reflection. Top this off with solid brass hardware and you have some beautiful aluminum pendants. Hang these pendants at home over the kitchen island or over the meat counter in the delicatessen. Either way they will add vintage style to your space.

Vintage Aluminum Metal Pendants

The Reynolds Metal Company was founded back in 1919 and started producing aluminum foil for packaging in 1926. Initially, the company supplied tin foil wrappers to cigarette and candy manufacturers. It later supplied the foil wraps for Eskimo Pies, one of my favorites. It wasn’t until 1947 that the company introduced Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil. And the rest is history. Even though the company went on to produce the world’s first aluminum submarine and aluminum siding for our homes. But it will be most remembered for that durable and crunchy aluminum foil. And we thank them for making these vintage aluminum metal pendants possible.

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vintage aluminum metal pendants
Aluminum foil or vintage aluminum metal pendants



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