Vintage American Flag Painting

When it comes to a vintage American flag painting, following like sheep might not be a bad thing. It’s a popular idiom but not one you want to be accused of doing. In fact, the negative connotation of not thinking for yourself and just doing what others are doing is considered an insult. I believe that we should think for ourselves and not be swayed by others or general opinion. After all, it’s been proven that diversity of thought and ideas can lead to bigger and better things. But maybe the sheep were on to something. Maybe some things should not be over thought or dissected for analysis. Over thinking something can also lead to problems. It can lead to stagnation and lack of taking action. But if you’ve ever observed a pack of sheep they stick together like glue. So much so that it takes horses and often dogs to get them to move and go where they need to be. The other reason they stay so close together is for protection. Those who prey on sheep for food will not attack the herd. Instead they wait for an outlier that is away from the pack and alone. That’s when a sheep is at it’s most vulnerable. So maybe those sheep aren’t so dumb after all. 

Vintage American Flag Painting

Now what does this have to do with the American flag or this vintage painting. Well, maybe we should recognize that we aren’t always acting alone. That sometimes we are better together, as a country. As citizens that are united for one cause. To be free from government control and to live in a country where we are free to choose who and what we want to be. Maybe we should see an American flag, recognize all that it stands for and just follow it. And if someone wants to criticize us for it we will have the perfect reply. Bahhhh.

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vintage american flag painting
Sometimes it’s good to follow like sheep



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