Vintage Antiqued Glass Wall Mirror

If this vintage mirror could dance.

It would probably do an arabesque. If you were at the ballet, an arabesque is a body position in which the dancer stands on one leg with the other leg turned out and extended behind the body while maintaining both legs straight. But an arabesque is also a form of decoration in which a single design is seamlessly repeated as many times as desired, similar to the iron frame of this wall mirror. Made from heavy iron with a flat brown finish, this wall mirror stands out with it’s unique arabesque shape and antiqued glass. I wouldn’t use this mirror in the bathroom for shaving but it would look great in the living room. The antiqued glass gives this mirror a vintage look so hang one over the console or hang two mirrors behind the sofa. Either way, this wall mirror will add vintage style to your space.

Now how do you get your leg behind your back?

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A pair of mirrors

With antiqued glass

And iron arabesque frame

Add vintage style

To your wall

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