Vintage Army Green Sofa

Army fatigue pants, combat boots, a tin canteen and this vintage army green sofa. They all have one thing in common. Army green. As Private Benjamin would say, don’t these come in any other color? Nope, it’s the army and we’re going green. Not recycling, it’s the color green. If you can’t join the army, we’ll bring the army to you. Right in the comfort of your own home. Belgian linen has been carefully dyed army green and used to upholster this hardwood maple frame sofa. And just to top off it off we added a pop of color with these swiss army pillows. You’re in the army now.

Vintage Army Green Sofa

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 40 years that we were laughing at Goldie Hawn on the big screen in the army basic training camp. Where does the time go. Unfortunately, the time in bootcamp didn’t go fast enough for Private Benjamin. Running the obstacle course to jumping out of airplanes it was quite the transformation. And all for the better. Self sufficient and ready to stand on her own, the Private was willing to take on anyone that stood in her way. And that’s why we thought it was fitting to deck this sofa out in army greens. Strong construction with an over sized back this sofa can easily stand on it’s own with no help from coffee tables or rugs. It might look a little intimidating in army green but once you sit on it you know you’re not getting up any time soon. It’s that comfortable. This vintage army green sofa reporting to duty sir.

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vintage army green sofa
You’re in the army now.



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