Vintage Balls of Yarn

A stitch in time saves nine.

Vintage industrial furniture is composed of metal, wood and glass. And the color of these materials is usually a muted gray, brown or green. So sometimes you need a pop of color with industrial design and what better way to do it than with colorful vintage balls of yarn.

Straight from the factory, you can’t shop for these vintage balls of yarn in your local craft store. This yarn was used to make textiles and fabrics that were needed to mass produce clothing, rugs and other common materials found in the home. And mass production needed a lot of fabric so large balls of yarn like these were used by factory workers to create products. If you’re lucky enough to find vintage yarn in bulk, pile them into a basket beside the sofa or reading chair. They can add some much needed color and vintage charm to your space.

So what are we saving nine of if we stitch our yarn in time? A stitch in time refers to sewing a small hole in material that can later become a larger hole requiring more yarn at a later date. It may need nine more stitches of yarn. Or don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Now get sewing.

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A stitch in time

Saves nine

Balls of yarn

And sometimes just looks good

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