Vintage Black Derby Hats

The traditional black derby. It never goes out of style.

Although not worn much today, I believe the vintage derby hat is long overdue for a big comeback.

The derby, also known as the bowler hat,  was originally designed in 1849 by London hat-maker William Bowler. It was created specifically to protect the gamekeeper’s head from low hanging branches while riding on horseback. Gamekeepers, those who manage the countryside for hunting, had previously worn top hats which were easily knocked off their heads and damaged. The derby then became popular with the working class of the United Kingdom during the Victorian era and later with the upper class. Once associated only with British servants and bankers, the derby later became popular with the American working man.

So until the derby comes back into style for today’s modern man, create a display of your own using the vintage black derby hats. Show off your derby hats in the living room, den or man cave and it will bring vintage style to your space. Hats off to the derby.

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The black derby

Vintage hats

That never go out of style

Hats off!

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