Vintage Black Warehouse Pendants

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s vintage black warehouse pendants. I know what you re thinking, it should have been superman. But when vintage pendants look this good there’s no disappointment. Hang a set of these three warehouse pendants and looking up never looked so good. How often do lighting pendants steal the show in a kitchen. It’s no surprise that they are usually the first thing you notice. Hanging over a large kitchen island or bar counter the lights are hard to miss. So why not make a bold statement with over sized black warehouse pendants. They will set the stage for whats come next. An island made from reclaimed wood. A six burner commercial grade stove. A large industrial metal vent hood and a white ceramic farmhouse sink. It all comes together once these pendants ground the space.

Vintage Black Warehouse Pendants

By now you realize that I really like these vintage pendants. But I also like Superman. I was surprised to learn that the story of Superman has had so many changes and revisions as it was adapted through the different entertainment mediums of comic books, radio, television and film. But the original story was written by Jerry Siegel and illustrated by Joe Shuster. It was first published back in 1938 when Superman made his character debut in Action Comics. As more stories were published, more details about the original story were established. We learned more about the planet Krypton, the source of Superman’s powers, and his relationship with other characters like his adoptive parents and Lois Lane. But as the story was retold in different forms of media it wasn’t unusual that there were some contradictions. But all told, Superman is remembered as an iconic super hero. Dare I draw a comparison to these warehouse pendants. Why not, they might not have saved any lives but they’ve saved a kitchen or two.

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vintage black warehouse pendants
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s vintage black warehouse pendants



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