Vintage Black Wood Desk

A storage room for antique leather trunks or a vintage black wood desk in my work office. It could be both but I prefer to call it my office. Or a home away from home. Don’t get me wrong. My office didn’t always look like this. A vintage black writing desk with an old factory swivel chair. An over sized wood frame mirror hanging on the wall. Leather bound vintage trunks and of course my childhood Teddy Bear. Surrounding myself with my favorite vintage finds while I work makes me happy. But it wasn’t always this way.

Vintage Black Wood Desk

Enter the corporate work environment. One word says it all. Sterile. That’s right, the furniture, the walls, the carpet and even the artwork were all one nondescript style and color. Neutral gray was usually the color palette of choice. Unfortunately, there were never those necessary pops of color like royal blue, orange or green to complete the design aesthetic. Instead it was gray on gray on more gray. Gray cubicles with an occasional photo pinned to them. Gray upholstered chairs that matched the gray carpet. Of course the walls were all painted gray. The only variation in color were the accessories like staplers, pens, printers, etc. and they were all black. Not exactly the winning formula for imagination and creativity. No thank you. I’ll stick with my wood desk and vintage leather trunks because now I have time to go on vacation.

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vintage black wood desk
My home away from home



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