Vintage Bottle Cap Prints

If you’ve given up soda then you might want to drink in these vintage bottle cap prints. Today, the trend is flavored water in lieu of flavored soft drinks. We grew up on coke, pepsi, 7-Up and one of my favorites, orange Fanta. But science has proven that these classic drinks are loaded with sugar and that too much sugar is not good for our overall health. So we were bombarded with diet beverages that contained fake sugars like aspartame. It was not long before they determined that fake sugar is bad too, if not worse, for us than real sugar. What’s a person to do.  The safe alternative is water. Not my idea of real flavor. Refreshing yes, tasty no. So then they created flavored water. Not only can you find almost any flavored water you want but it costs a lot too. Often more than a soda. How expensive could it be to make bottled water. My guess is not very. The high price is suppose to trick us into thinking we are drinking something special. Not just ordinary water from a natural spring. Instead, we are sold the idea that drinking water from Fiji is worth the high cost. It’s all very confusing. Maybe it’s just better to drink the original soda made from real sugar.

Vintage Bottle Cap Prints

If you’re still adamant about not drinking soda then maybe you should consider the next best thing. A picture of your favorite vintage soda. To be more precise, the bottle cap from your favorite blast from the past. A set of six large vintage prints will fill your entire wall. Rather than opening a bottle you can just drink in the image every time you walk past these vintage prints. There’s no trip to the store, no refrigeration and a whole lot less calories. At least your waist line will be happy.

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vintage bottle cap prints
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