Vintage Boxer Oil Paintings

This isn’t McGregor versus Mayweather but the men in these vintage boxer oil paintings might have been just as popular. Painted on salvaged metal, some might look at these paintings and see boxers striking a pose. Ready to face off against one another. But I see something different. Yes I see the artistic composition devoted to each painting. And yes they are good and visually appealing. But I see more when I look at these boxers. I see a story.

Vintage Boxer Oil Paintings

I doubt that these boxers decided over night that they wanted to fight in the ring. Instead there were years of dedication and devotion to the sport. They trained endlessly, not for days, weeks or months. They trained for years just to get a few minutes in the ring with their adversary . Back in the early 1900’s it wasn’t about weight training like it is today. Instead it was all about stamina and endurance without the luxury of cross fit training. And you didn’t need weights to achieve it. They may not look like Arnold or Lou but they were in top condition. Daily drills of sprints, long distance runs and skipping rope were all they needed. There were push ups, pull ups and of course countless rounds of punching the bag. Day in and day out. It was all about the fight. Running, sweating and whatever else it took to stay in tip top shape. Striking a pose. I don’t think so. I’m tired just looking at them. that’s the bell.

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vintage boxer oil paintings
McGregor versus Mayweather?



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