Vintage Boxing Wall Painting

It’s a knock out and so is this vintage boxing wall painting. Boxer, coach, referee and scorekeeper, this painting has it all. Meticulously painted by hand in oil on an over sized stretch canvas. This painting depicts the early years of boxing. Unfortunately, it shows the defeated boxer. The way we all feel sometimes. As long as you tried your best and put up the good fight. How many times have we heard that. But somehow it doesn’t make us feel any better at the time of defeat. Give it at least a few days. Try harder next time. Another lesson learned.

Vintage Boxing Wall Painting

People have fought in hand to hand combat since the dawn of time. The origin of boxing as an organized sport goes back to the Ancient Greeks as an Olympic game in BC 688. It evolved in the 18th century into prize fighting, mostly in Great Britain. Not until the 19th century did boxing move into what we know today as modern day boxing. Boxing is defined as a combat sport in which two people wearing protective gloves throw punches at each other in a ring for a set period of time until one is declared the winner. I can think of a lot easier ways to make a living. But if you have the passion and love what you do there is no better sport. This oil painting depicts a vintage period for boxing but the sport has not really changed that much. There is still a coach rooting for his player. The referee is still calling the shots. A scorekeeper is tracking the points. And finally there is the boxer who does not want a white towel thrown his way. A tradition that has lasted for years and more years to come. All captured in this vintage boxing wall painting. There’s the bell.

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vintage boxing wall painting
It’s a knock out!



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