Vintage Brass Industrial Pendants

I think these vintage brass industrial pendants would be perfect for the man cave. They are loaded with testosterone and scream masculinity. They would look good over the bar in the man cave and also in the pimped out garage. But these vintage brass pendants would look good in the kitchen too. Hang them over the bar counter or kitchen island and they will bring vintage industrial style to your space. Back to the man cave.

Vintage Brass Industrial Pendants

The man cave, or man space, man land or mantuary, is basically a male retreat like a sanctuary that is generally located in the garage, basement, attic or den. The term man cave is a metaphor that is used to describe a room inside or outside the house that men can do as they please. No fear of upsetting the female persuasion’s sense of interior design and decor. Generally the wife has authority over the house in terms of decorating and design. But when it comes to the man cave men rule as to what is on the floor, walls and ceiling. Common fixtures that can be found in a man cave include refrigerators, vending machines, putting greens, pool tables and giant flat screen TV’s. It  also comes fully equipped with a bar, kegerators, trophies and sports memorabilia. I think you’re getting the picture and understand why most women assume responsibility for decorating the home. While the man cave does sound fun it often borders fraternity house. Maybe it’s time to create your own little retreat or oasis. Even if it’s a small corner of the garage, basement or bedroom. Make it your own and don’t forget to hang some vintage brass industrial pendants.

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vintage brass industrial pendants
Make your own man Cave



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