Vintage Brass Trumpet

Sometimes you just have to blow your own horn or in this a case vintage brass trumpet. I never thought of mounting and displaying a musical instrument before. But now that I see it I like it. Some instruments are unique in their design to achieve the desired musical effect. I think the trumpet is a perfect example. The curves and shape of the brass tubing looks almost like an art form that is worthy of display. So check out your closet or basement for a vintage find that could be repurposed to hang on your wall or sit on the coffee table or console.

Vintage Brass Trumpet

The trumpet is a blown musical instrument that is commonly heard in classical and jazz ensembles. It has the highest register in the family of brass instruments and was first used to signal the start of a battle or hunt. Examples of this date as far back as 1500 BC. It wasn’t until the late 14th century that the trumpet was used for music in orchestras, concert bands and jazz. As a blown instrument, the trumpet is played by blowing air through nearly closed lips producing a buzzing sound that starts a wave vibration in the brass tubing. The fingers are then used to press the different valves which change the length of the tubing and thus the pitch of the sound. Quite the mechanism and worth the outcome. Louis Armstrong would be proud.

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vintage brass trumpet
Sometimes you have to blow your own horn



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