Vintage Brass Tuba

A work of art or a vintage brass tuba. I don’t know the last time I saw a tuba but it was probably in a marching band. But propped up on this pedestal against the wall this vintage tuba could pass for a sculpture. So what if I can’t play the tuba. I just like looking at the craftsmanship and the aged brass patina.

Vintage Brass Tuba

It might be obvious but did you know that the tuba is the largest musical instrument in the brass family. It’s also the lowest pitched of the brass instruments. Like all brass instruments, the sound is produced by moving air past the lips causing them to vibrate into a large cupped mouthpiece. The tuba was first invented in the 19th century which surprisingly makes it one of the newer instruments in the modern day orchestra or concert band. If you play the tuba you would most likely be called a tubaist or tubist. Somewhat more professional then just that guy who plays the tuba. But we probably recognize the tuba most in the infamous marching band. Sporting events and holidays usually have a parade and it wouldn’t be complete without the marching band. And the tuba can usually be found bringing up the rear. Maybe because it’s so big and heavy. I don’t think I want that job. How about I just admire my vintage brass tuba on a pedestal. Strike up the band.

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vintage brass tuba
Strike up the band!



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