Vintage Burlap Chair and Ottoman

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Too vintage?

Some people might think so but I like burlap.

Burlap chairs, burlap ottomans and even burlap pillows. I like them all. Burlap is biodegradable so it’s good for the environment. Unlike synthetic fabrics, burlap eventually breaks down naturally into the ground. But don’t think burlap isn’t tough. Once used as the undergarment for chairs, vintage burlap is durable. Just like these chairs, the outer fabric has worn away but the burlap lining still holds strong. I know these vintage chairs might be taking burlap to an extreme but I like them. So next time you go shopping for that special chair or ottoman, go green and go burlap. It’s the better fabric of our lives!

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Vintage chairs

Covered in vintage burlap

Cool burlap

Cool construction

And biodegradable

Time to go to the bakery!

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