Vintage Burlap Light and Ottoman

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Move over cotton. Burlap is the new fabric of our lives.

From the factory to your home, vintage burlap has made a strong comeback. It may not not be the softest fabric in the world but it’s probably the most durable. Organic and biodegradable, you can’t beat burlap for green upholstery in your home. And don’t think burlap is only for sofas, chairs and ottomans. I like putting my feet up on an ottoman made from vintage burlap but I also like looking up at burlap hanging from the ceiling.

What makes this light so unique is that it’s covered in vintage burlap. Who would have thought. No longer used just for ottomans and chairs, vintage burlap can be hung and draped for a great down home look and feel to your home. Just enough coverage for that glaring light bulb yet just the right amount of light to shine through for casual dining.

Burlap lets you think outside the ordinary boundaries of home design. Repurpose vintage burlap into relaxing ottomans, tablecloths and even chandelier lighting. Going green with burlap can be good for the environment but can make for good home design too. Rethink the possibilities and rethink your use of vintage burlap. Use burlap for your potatoes, pillows, ottomans, chairs and sofa. Make burlap a fabric of your life!

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Vintage burlap chandelier

Great light for dining

Hang burlap

And make burlap

The fabric of your life!

Click HERE to view Vintage Burlap Ottoman at

Click HERE to view Vintage Burlap Ottoman at




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