Vintage Burlap Ottoman

Can you find the vintage burlap ottoman.

This closet is picture perfect but the vintage burlap ottoman takes center stage. Brightly colored pressed shirts¬† and coordinating jackets are arranged in perfect unison in this well organized closet but it’s hard to miss the burlap ottoman. Neatly placed between two leather club chairs, this ottoman adds just the right touch to a modern day walk in closet. Sit down and relax with your feet up on this vintage ottoman while you make the tough decision on what to wear. Choose that blue button down shirt and use this ottoman to reach the top rack. Add a cream colored sports jacket and you’re ready to face the day. But it might be better to just sit down and relax in your quiet closet with your favorite chair and ottoman. All this closet needs now is a wet bar.

Who wants to go to work anyway.

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Picture perfect

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