Vintage Burlap Ottomans

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I will see you and raise you 10.

A full house or royal flush, if you like playing cards, you will like these vintage ottomans.

Made from real vintage burlap, these ottomans not only look good but they’re biodegradable and good for the environment too. Hand stitched and decorated with playing card themes, which one is your favorite. Red or black, clover, spade, heart or diamond, why have just one ottoman when you can have four. Use these ottomans in the living area or game room to kick back and put your feet up. And if you feel like playing cards, pull up a vintage burlap ottoman.

So next time you want to play cards, don’t forget to bring your vintage ottoman!

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Ready to play cards?

Bring your ottoman with you

Made from vintage burlap

Which is your favorite?

Love these ottomans

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