Vintage Burlap Pillows

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Now I lay me down to sleep.

But not on these pillows. Burlap pillows are a great accent for that vintage industrial style in any space. As much as I like burlap, not sure it’s soft enough for this face. But I would use burlap pillows on the sofa, chair or even on the bed for extra pillows.

Burlap is a course fabric but has been recently refined to make products for the home. Once used only for bags and sacks to transport goods like coffee beans, burlap is now used to make pillows, ottomans and chair cushions. I like pillows like these that use real vintage burlap with the original markings from their industrial past. The best part about burlap is that it’s ecofriendly and good for our environment. So next time you shop for pillows, think vintage and go burlap. Sweet dreams!

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Vintage burlap pillows

Cool prints

Cool burlap

Plain is good too

Go burlap.

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