Vintage Burlap Pillows

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Circus pillows.

It’s the greatest show on earth and bring in the clowns. In this case, bring in the pillows. Circus memorabilia can be cool and these pillows would add color and fun to any room. Sometimes you just need a splash of color and these pillows would certainly do the trick. And who doesn’t like a clown? I like vintage pillows but prefer mine covered in burlap. Burlap is a great alternative to the usual selection of every day fabrics. Burlap is inexpensive, durable and a sustainable source in home decorating. So next time you go to the circus, enjoy the clowns and bring home a pillow.

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The world’s greatest show

Vintage circus pillows

Happy clown pillow

Lucky number 48 pillow

Three ring circus pillow

What would a circus be without a ferris wheel


And a clown

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