Vintage Burlap Shade Pendant

You won’t find any potatoes in this vintage burlap shade pendant. Just a single light bulb. No one expects to see burlap hanging from the ceiling but this pendant breaks tradition. Made with an iron frame draped in natural burlap and hand stitched, this pendant is ready to hang over your kitchen or dining room table. Better yet, it will look great in the man cave over the wet bar and bring vintage style to your space.

Vintage Burlap Shade Pendant

Burlap is a natural biodegradable material that has been used for hundreds of years. It’s a woven fabric made from the skin of the jute plant. Also known as sisal fibers it has been used to make rope, nets, bags and many other products that we use in our everyday lives. Burlap starts as a very coarse fabric but more recently it has been refined so that it can be used to make handbags, rugs and even pendant lights. Historically, burlap has been used primarily to make sacks and bags to transport goods such as coffee beans, tea and dry tobacco. It is a breathable fabric so it resists condensation which would normally spoil these products. Burlap is very durable. It can handle the rough handling associated with shipping and transit of goods and produce. It can also be used as a wet covering to prevent rapid moisture loss in the setting of cement and concrete. Burlap has many uses and has come a long way. But we still like it best hanging from the ceiling. Got burlap?

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vintage burlap shade pendant
There’s no potatoes in this burlap



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