Vintage Burlap Square Ottomans

Next time you sit down to play a game of cards.

Do it in vintage style. If you like to play Gin Rummy with your friends or just solitaire in your free time, you will like these vintage burlap ottomans. And just like a deck of cards, these square ottomans come in four styles; hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. So sit down with your favorite cards and kick your fit up on a vintage ottoman. Made from vintage burlap, these square ottomans can be a lot of fun and they’re good for the environment too. Burlap is an all natural product and one hundred percent biodegradable. Next to cotton burlap is the second largest fiber used to make materials in the world. Use these ottomans in the den or game room to add some whimsy and vintage charm to your space. Add one ottoman or use all four styles to have a complete suit of cards.

I like blackjack so hit me!

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Next time you play cards

Do it in vintage style

With natural burlap

I heart these ottomans

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