Vintage Bust Sculpture

It’s the new year so it’s time to get to the gym or bust to look like this vintage bust sculpture. Unfortunately, it would take a whole lot of trips to the gym to get into this kind of shape. But they say we should set goals for ourselves. So I display this bust right by the front door so that I’m reminded every day of my new year’s resolution. I realize that I’m setting the bar high but why not. A low bar wouldn’t mean much once I reached my goal. Note to self, get the body but not the crack that runs across the midsection. This looks good on a bust but not on a real person.

Vintage Bust Sculpture

New Year’s is the last holiday of the year and the last of a long marathon of holidays that began with Labor Day and ran through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many people feel stressed around the holidays and complain about the traffic, the pressure of buying gifts and the money spent. But I think they are stressed because they know it all ends with making a resolution on New Year’s Eve.  All year long we can live our lives carefree. Eat what we want. Drink what we want and do what we want. But come the end of the year we are pressured into making amends and committing to lead a better life. It could be a healthier life, a more productive life or a happier life. Once that clock strikes twelve the challenge begins. Knowing that I have a resolution hanging over my head sometimes makes it harder to achieve. Some people last a day, others a week and a few make it the whole year. Cheers to that. To the gym or bust.

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Vintage Bust Sculpture
Get to the gym or bust



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