Vintage Camping Lanterns

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Get your checklist out because we’re going camping.

Vintage lanterns, check

More vintage lanterns, check.

And some more vintage lanterns, check.

Whatever your passion or hobby might be, embrace it and show it off. If you’re into camping, you’ll probably like this collection of vintage lanterns. These lanterns would look good in the man cave or on a bookcase in the den. What gets attention is when you have more than one lantern. In fact, if you have a few dozen vintage lanterns it sets the tone for the room. But it doesn’t have to be lanterns. Whatever your vintage find or what you really enjoy can make an unexpected collection and personalize a space to make it all your own.

Now does anyone have a match to light all these lanterns?

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Let’s go camping

And bring some lanterns

More lanterns

And some more lanterns

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