Vintage Canvas Luggage Bags

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Valise, french for a small overnight travel bag.  The origin is actually from valigia, which is Italian for suitcase.  These vintage bags or suitcases are made of canvas and leather and of course real metal locks.

They sure don’t make luggage like they used to.  These vintage bags are cool and made of all natural materials.  I like these particular bags because of their unique faded green canvas and touch of naturally worn leather.

Forget the wheels, I would have no problem carrying one of these vintage suitcases through the airport with my trusted leather handle.  But not sure it would fit under the seat!

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vintage canvas luggage

Vintage canvas luggage

vintage canvas luggage

Real leather handles

vintage canvas luggage

You’re in luck if your name is Poole.

vintage canvas luggage

I like the square suitcase on top

vintage canvas luggage

And real metal locks

vintage canvas luggage

That much and no wheels?

canvas storage bags

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