Vintage Car Nash Metropolitan

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Nash Metropolitan or Hudson?

Actually both. Before the category of subcompact car was created there was the Nash Metropolitan. Now considered a vintage car, the Nash Metropolitan was built as a small car that would achieve high mileage on low amounts of fuel. When most car companies were selling the idea that bigger is better, the Nash Motor Company was working on ways to develop a car that would be more fuel efficient. And thus the Nash Metropolitan was born. Today this vintage car would be classified as an economy and subcompact car.

The Nash Metropolitan was sold only in the United States and Canada between 1954 and 1962. And when the Nash and Hudson car companies merged in 1954, the Metropolitan car was also sold as a Hudson.

We can’t promise that the price on this vintage car would be economical but the fuel would be!

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Nash Metropolitan

Or the Hudson

This car was sold as both in 1954

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