Vintage Cargo Containers and Wood Crates

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Cargo pants?

Not exactly, vintage cargo containers.

The baggage claims area at the airport has never been one of my favorite places. I am always the first one there and the last to leave. Where are my bags? These vintage cargo containers are used by attendants to hold those miscellaneous items that you just couldn’t live without, like those juicy pink grapefruits. But now containers and crates like these can be used every day in the home. They can hold everything from toys to work tools and sometimes look great just stacked on top of each other.

Wood crates aren’t the only alternative to vintage storage. And vintage doesn’t always have to be industrial metal, wood or rust. These vintage containers add real color to your space and they can hold a lot too. So wood crates can be great but these vintage cargo containers make me see red!

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Vintage cargo containers

Look great stacked up

Or alone

Where are my grapefruits!

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