Vintage Carousel Wood Horse

Grab the brass ring and win the prize.

A  popular phrase that originated in the late 1800’s by riding a vintage carousel filled with decorative wood horses. Children would ride on one of the exterior wood horses and while holding on with one hand they would reach out with the other and try to grab a ring from a stationery device next to the carousel. Rings came down the chute, all of them iron except for one, the brass ring. With perfect timing you could get a ring, and if lucky your ring would be made of brass not iron. The prize was a free ride on the carousel.

The carousel and brass ring was surprisingly first developed during medieval times when knights would train for combat by riding their horses in a circle while trying to spear a ring with their lances. And in later times, the vintage carousel became mainstream in fairs and amusement parks with it’s moving circular platform of artfully carved and painted wood horses. Some horses were stationery while others moved up and down, making it even harder to obtain one of the rings. And if it were made of brass you won the prize.

Today, some vintage carousels are still in use but many of the antique wood horses are used for decorative accents in homes or businesses. Mount them on the wall or stand them in the foyer to welcome guests and they will add vintage charm to your space. Unfortunately, carousels have gone by the wayside but the phrase ‘grab the brass ring’ still holds true. Take the risk and live life to the fullest.

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Take the risk

Reach out

Grab the brass ring

And live life to the fullest

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