Vintage Commercial Spa Sign

I like this vintage commercial spa sign but actually going to the spa can be even better. Who doesn’t like a long relaxing massage. Combine that with a good glass of wine and you get perfection. The answer, Napa Valley, California for the best wine and the best spas.

Vintage Commercial Spa Sign

Napa Valley is considered one of the premier regions in the country for growing grapes and producing wine. The location is the perfect combination of climate, geography and geology that makes it conducive to growing fine quality wine grapes. The first commercial vineyard was established by John Patchett back in 1858. But the region is also known for it’s premier spa resorts. One of my personal favorites is Hot Springs Resort where you can get a mud bath. This is no ordinary mud. A long soak covered in hot volcanic ash will guarantee to cure any ache or pain. And if you’re feeling bold go for the works. You’ll be greeted at the front desk with a Napa Valley’s finest glass of wine. Start with a soothing float in volcanic ash and peat moss. Then a shower, a soak in bubbling mineral water and a quiet steam. This is finished with a warm blanket wrap and then a quiet relaxing massage. And to think all this pampering started with a small vintage commercial spa sign. Count me in.

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vintage commercial spa sign
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