Vintage Cruise Ship Oil Painting on Metal

If you can’t afford that luxury cruise to the Caribbean get an oil painting instead.

Hand painted on a reclaimed metal canvas, this cruise ship is just as vintage as the metal it’s painted on. Salvaged from old tin roofs, this metal is vintage and shows the years of wear and tear with rough edges and a small hole here or there. But that makes this oil painting all the more interesting to look at. Why settle for a traditional oil painting on cloth fabric when you can have an oil painting that will last as long as those old metal roofs. My guess would be a few more hundred years. Hang this cruise ship in any room of the home. Behind the sofa or over a large console, this painting will add vintage style to your space and it might just make you feel like you’re sailing along on that cruise.

Bon voyage.

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Hand painted

In oil

On metal canvas

It’s the next best thing

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