Vintage Deconstructed Wing Back Chair

Construct or deconstruct.

A lot of work goes into the making of upholstered furniture and it is often over looked. It’s important that the base of a chair or sofa be constructed from solid hard woods, that the seats are reinforced with heavy gauge coils and the undercoating is lined with durable resistant burlap. But once we see our chair covered in our favorite fabric of choice, we forget to inspect the overall construction.

As you can see from this vintage wing back chair, it was made with all the right ingredients. Hard wood, burlap, metal springs and nail heads enabled this chair to last beyond it’s normal life expectancy. But growing in popularity is deconstructed furniture which would make this a much sought after chair. If you can’t find a chair like this one you can always deconstruct a vintage chair yourself and will most likely find the same results with the right basic materials.

So next time you think about tossing grandma’s old chair. Think twice and deconstruct it.

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A vintage wing back chair

Is deconstructed

To expose the wood frame

And inner workings

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