Vintage Detachable Shirt Collars

Don’t be a stiff unless you’re this collection of vintage detachable shirt collars. Then you can be as stiff as you want. I would never think to display vintage shirt collars. But I really like them. Perfect for the man cave or that dream walk in closet.

Vintage Detachable Shirt Collars

The detachable collar started in Troy, New York, with Hannah Montague back in 1827. She was tired of washing the stained collars on her husband’s shirts. So one day she snipped off the collars with a pair of scissors. She washed the collars and then sewed them back onto his shirts. Not the most efficient method but it led businessman Ebenezar Brown to start manufacturing detachable collars. It soon became the largest business in town. It wasn’t long before shirt fronts and cuffs also became detachable. The stiff cardboard like shirt pieces eventually disappeared when more emphasis was placed on soft comfort in mens clothing. I have to say I am all for that. But once in awhile I can get a little hot under the collar.

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vintage detachable shirt collars
Don’t be a stiff. Shop vintage.



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