Vintage Distressed Wood Dresser

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Is it live or is it Memorex?

It’s hard to tell which one of these distressed wood dressers is vintage and which one is an imposter. Sometimes you can find a manufacturer that can replicate that vintage look and feel to wood furniture. In this case, both of these dressers have distressed wood and hardware right down to the rusted metal finish on the handles and keyhole plates. Vintage wood dressers were usually made big as most older homes did not have walk-in closets, a mandatory staple in today’s new homes. So old dressers had to hold a lot. I like the distressed wood on both of these dressers and would be happy with either one of them. So take the Memorex challenge, but please don’t break any glasses!

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Which is the real vintage wood dresser?

Distressed finish on this top wood dresser

Old wood and old hardware

Old wood on this bottom dresser

With old metal hardware too

This wood sure looks old

Bottom wood dresser, vintage

Top wood dresser, Memorex!

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