Vintage Drafting Table

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Drafting or music?

It was always hard to choose an elective class in school. But now you can have both with this vintage drafting table. This vintage drafting table was built industrial strong and it was built big too. Big enough to fit several drafting plans at the same time or multiple music sheets while composing.

Made with a solid wood top and an industrial iron base, this drafting table comes fully equipped with it’s own pantograph. And if you only made it through drafting 101, a pantograph lets you draw a precise right angle anywhere on the page in a short period of time. It can also be modified to do the same with triangles.

But if you’re more inclined to compose music then this vintage drafting table may still do the trick. The expansive wood top on this table let’s you spread your music sheets out and hold your writing tools until you’re ready to put pen to paper. So if you choose drafting or music it might help to get a vintage table too.

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Vintage drafting table

Built industrial strong

For drafting

Or music

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