Vintage Dress Forms

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Custom or off the rack?

Today we buy our clothes right off the rack. But years ago, it was common for the more fortunate to have their clothes custom made. Vintage dress forms, better known as mannequins, were used by tailors to get a three dimensional view of the garment as it was sewed. Customers would provide the tailor with their body measurements and a dress form would be produced to use for their individual custom made clothes.

We may not have the money or time to wait for custom made clothing, but vintage dress forms have made a comeback and this time into our homes. Vintage dress forms make a unique accent to a room but they can also be used to hang hats by the front door or to hold jewelry in the bedroom. Any way you decide, dress forms can add function and vintage style to your space.

Now back to the clothes rack, where did all the mediums go?

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Vintage dress forms

Have made a comeback

Into your home

Go vintage!

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