Vintage Edison Light Bulb

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Thomas Edison did not invent the electric light bulb.

That’s right, there were earlier inventors that were able to create a glowing electric wire that could provide light but they all had serious flaws. The first light bulbs had an extremely short life, were costly to produce and required too much electric current to manufacture.

But Thomas Edison believed in taking new inventions to the next level. Thomas Edison is better known for producing the first light bulb that could be mass produced with very little electric current at a reasonable cost. In fact, his greatest achievement was the first power generation plant used to distribute electricity to our homes, businesses and factories. The first power station was built on Pearl Street in lower Manhattan, New York.

You might be surprised to know that Thomas Edison also invented the phonograph and the first motion picture camera. Where would we be without our movies.

Back to the vintage light bulb. Thomas Edison tested over 3,000 filaments before he came up with the first practical light bulb. These filaments provide the warm glow of light that makes vintage style bulbs so appealing. So next time you hang a vintage industrial light don’t forget Thomas Edison and use a vintage filament light bulb.

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Vintage industrial lighting

Would not be the same

Without the vintage filament bulb

Special thanks to Thomas Edison

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