Vintage Egyptian Theater Costumes

If you can’t always make it to Broadway these vintage Egyptian theater costumes might be the next best thing. Dressing up in costume is not that far fetched. As children we liked to do it all the time. Dressing up as out favorite super hero, comic strip character or just dressing up as an adult. It was fantasy and it was fun. Too bad we can’t do it now as adults. Unfortunately, the responsibilities of daily life don’t afford us that luxury. We have to face reality. But celebrities do their fair share of dressing up. It’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t know the pop song ‘Walk like an Egyptian.’

Vintage Egyptian Theater Costumes

The American band the Bangles released the song Walk Like an Egyptian’ in 1986. It soon sold over a million singles and became Billboard’s number one song for all of 1987. It was the first song by an all female group that played all their own instruments to top the Billboard singles chart. Coupled with the hit song Manic Monday made this the band’s most successful album. The music video was also a big hit. It featured the Bangles performing their song at a concert with scenes of people dancing as Ancient Egyptians in the streets of New York City. The video was nominated for Best Group Video at the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards. So when life gets you down and seems like there’s no way up, try dressing up. Walk like an Egyptian.

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Vintage Egyptian Theater Costumes
Walk Like an Egyptian



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