Vintage Farmhouse Hutch and Wood Bowls

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Picture Sweden, circa 1810, in a country farmhouse and what do you get? A great big wood hutch for the kitchen or dining room.

This wood farmhouse hutch has the original worn paint finish and it’s big. It can hold a lot but I’m not sure what it was meant to keep. This hutch has some unusual wood bowls and lots of pegs to store them on. They are painted in different colors but they really don’t hold much. I could see using this wood hutch as an entertainment center or to hang my coat in the hallway. Either way, this is one great wood hutch. I wonder what Starsky and Hutch would do?

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Circa 1810 Swedish Wood Farmhouse Hutch

Great distressed vintage wood

I like the peeling paint too

I think the inside of this hutch is cool

Vintage painted wood bowls

On cool wood pegs

But these wood bowls don’t hold much

For that price, you should get more than some wood bowls 🙂

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