Vintage Fencing Equipment

When all else fails, put on some vintage fencing equipment and fight it out. How about a match between Dick Schumer and Paul Ryan. The United States is governed primarily by two political parties, the Democrats and the Republicans. Unfortunately, they can’t seem to agree on anything. Each party is firmly rooted in their own belief system and neither is willing to budge on policy or law making. So where does that leave the people who voted them into office. Basically, up the creek without a paddle. Both Congress and the Senate are almost equally divided into the two parties so when neither is willing to move the result is stagnation. Not to mention painful to watch. So here is my recommendation.

Vintage Fencing Equipment

I have never been a big fan of fencing but in this case I see some benefits. Two players face off against each other. We’ll use Schumer versus Ryan again. Each player is wearing protective gear namely a mask that can withstand penetration and a fully padded body vest. The arms and legs are also protected with long sleeves and pants. As long as we do not sharpen the swords I think no one would get hurt and this could work. Ryan may have an edge in youth but Schumer could display some fencing artistry. I think it’s an equal match. They dual out an issue. Let’s pick tax reform. Whoever scores the most points would win the vote on that particular bill. Once the fencing match is over the next set of opponents would enter and another voting bill would be up for grabs. This time, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat versus Joni Ernst, Republican. I think the American people would enjoy watching the fencing matches and at the same time know that there would always be a resolution at the end. The added benefits are that politicians might stop taking so much vacation time and start taking some fencing lessons. Depending on how bad they wanted to win. At least, they would be doing something to earn their pay. En garde.

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vintage fencing equipment
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